The film editor


Martin Kayser-Landwehr began working as a film editor in Germany in 1992.

Now, he is based in the United Kingdom and can offer a wealth of experience as a senior film editor.

During his long career, his love of film has never diminished. Working with an abundance of footage, Martin aims to create structure that inspires harmony, crafting narratives that convey any project’s intricacies.


Martin is an expert in the editing of all different genres: documentary feature, docudrama, music-documentaries and docusoap series. He is also experienced in TV shows, promotion clips, investigative news show series, pilots, reports, short films, commercial spots, cookery shows, home makeover shows, art pictures, art docs, sports docs, TV-music shows, music clips and daily music shows.


Over the last twenty years, Martin has edited over 100 feature-length documentaries and has an extensive portfolio of other film work. He has worked at SPIEGEL TV and MTV for more than five years. He also worked with clients throughout Europe, including BBC, ARD, ZDF, ARTE, ITV, Discovery Channel, VH-1, MTV, SRF, ORF, Servus TV, RTL, VOX, SAT. 1, Pro 7, Deutsche Welle, CCTV, TVE, Canal Sur, Spiegel TV, Axel Springer TV, Arthaus, Media Consulta, and Endemol.


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During his long career, his love to edit films never vanished, and this kept him going through every level. His passion is to edit documentaries (with often overwhelming footage) and any other film product to create many beautiful, significant, successful film diamonds.


He is virtuoso in editing in all different areas as he has done already such as music documentaries, feature-length documentaries, docu-soaps (series), TV shows (series), promotion clips, investigative news shows (series), pilots, reports, short films, commercial spots, sports films, cookery shows, home makeover shows, art pictures, art docus, sports docus, TV-music shows, music clips and daily music shows.


Martin has worked on many films as an adviser as well. During the editing process, he is a strong advocator for stringent dramaturgy. Martin has the ability and talent to create fascinating storytelling even if the film material isn’t satisfying at first sight regarding content as it should be. He is a dramaturgical adviser and a film editor.


He has worked for more than five years at MTV which is beneficial to any background music and has edited more than seventeen feature-length documentaries in the last five years, not to mention the endless rows of other film work executed with passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject.