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Martin is based in London, United Kingdom and has been a German film editor since 1992.

During his long career his love of film editing has never diminished and his passion has remained through every phase. His goal is the careful construction of documentaries, with often overwhelming footage, adding structure within which beauty can grow.

He is an expert in the editing of all different genre, having worked on a vast array of themes: music documentaries, feature documentaries, docu-soaps (series),TV shows (series), promotion clips, investigative news shows (series), pilots , reports, short films, commercial spots , cookery shows, home makeover shows, art pictures, art docs , sports docs, TV-music shows, music clips and daily music shows.

He worked at MTV for more than 5 years and has edited more than 50 feature length documentaries over the last 10 years, along with a large portfolio of other film work.

He has worked with clients throughout Europe, including ARD, ZDF, ARTE, BBC, ITV, Discovery Channel, VH-1, MTV, SRF, ORF, Servus TV, RTL, VOX, SAT. 1, Pro 7, Deutsche Welle, CCTV, TVE, Canal Sur, Spiegel TV, Axel Springer TV, Arthaus, Media Consulta, and Endemol.




This is his showreel from 2016. Please enjoy….

Film Editing by Martin Kayser-Landwehr

Nick Reynolds
Bruce Richard Reynolds
Rene Wisbey
David Lynch
HRH Prince William
André Azoulay
Sylvia Alice Earle
Swami Swaroopananda

Scene selection:
A Dream of the Circus – Bernhard Paul and Circus Roncalli / 52 Min
The Great Train Robbery / 180 Min
Der Ring des Nibelun gen – Der neue Mannheimer Ring / 240 Min
Hunt the Kaiser’s Cruisers / 104 Min
Mass Murderer / 52 Min
The Minesweeper Dogs from Kabul / 52 Min
The last Gigolos / 90 Min
David wants to fly / 90 Min
Global Family / 30 Min
Kate Englands new Queen / 52 Min
Fights / 30 Min
The Flamenco Clan / 90 Min
Out of Cordoba / 90 Min
Woman and Oceans – Super Corals / 45 Min

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