David Wants To Fly – film excerpts

David wants to fly

(Dama Documentary)

Directed by David Sieveking
Cinematography by Adrian Stähli
Film editing by Martin Kayser Landwehr
Music by Karl Stirner
Produced by Martin Heisler & Carl Ludwig Rettinger
89 min, 2010

“In 2006, Sieveking, the German director, lead character, and narrator of the film feels adrift after graduating from film school. At the time he is living with his girlfriend and he decides to travel to Fairfield, Iowa, to attend an event featuring David Lynch and Donovan. Afterwards, he and Pohl have an agreeable interview with Lynch about the Transcendental Meditation technique. Sieveking has his brain waves measured at Maharishi University of Management and decides to explore Transcendental Meditation (TM) further. He learns TM in Hannover, Germany, and says it gives him tranquility. In the meantime, Pohl moves to New York City leaving Sieveking behind and he feels lonely without her. When the Maharishi dies in February 2008, Sieveking attends the funeral ceremonies on the banks of the Ganges river where hundreds of followers, relatives, and TM movement leaders are in attendance. Back in Germany, Sieveking narrates that he has received funding for his film…..According to Sieveking he “received legal threats from the David Lynch Foundation’s attorney” saying David Lynch did not “want to be part of the film”.
Source: Wikipedia

… Tech package is first-rate, particularly the beautifully composed images of Adrian Stähli and pacey cutting of Martin Kayser Landwehr. Karl Stirner’s well-used score provides ironic commentary.
Variety Feb.14.2010

Film excerpts – meeting David Lynch

Film excerpts – meeting the ‘skin boy’, a personal assistant of Maharishi, and meeting a lover of Maharishi.