Martin Kayser Landwehr is a film editor since 1992.

During his long career, his love to edit films never vanished, and this kept him going through every level. His real aim is the preparation of documentaries (with often overwhelming footage) and any other film product to create many beautiful, significant, successful film diamonds. He is virtuoso in editing at all different areas as he has done already such as music documentaries, feature-length documentaries, docu-soaps (series),
TV shows (series), promotion clips, investigative news shows (series), pilots , reports
, short films, commercial spots , sport films, cookery shows, home makeover shows, art pictures, art docus , sports docus
, TV-music shows, music clips and
 daily music shows. Martin has worked on many films as an adviser as well and during the editing process, he is a strong advocator for a stringent dramaturgy and has the ability and talent to create one even if the film material isn’t of quality relating to contents as it should be. He is a dramaturgical film editor. . He has worked more than five years at MTV and has edited more than 17 feature-length documentaries in the last five years, not to mention the endless row of other film work he has done with passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject. .


Back to the time of 1979, he has learned to cut films on a Steenbeek editing table on endless film stripe material filled with the slapstick comedian stories. Luckily, his father, Heinz Caloue, worked in the business as a synchronous director for several slapstick-series with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and the unforgettable Buster Keaton. He worked alongside his father at his own company for three years and has learned the business from scratch. (These series have been aired at the ZDF, the German Television station – in their importance like the BBC. Even today, people love to watch the series online). .


Not only his father and brother were involved in the film business, but his mother also worked at the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich and the drama department at the UFA film studios Berlin-Babelsberg, back in the time. Martins grandfather was Charles Willy Kayser. He worked during the expressionist film-time. For example, he played King Friedrich Willhelm III. Also, he played in the film ‘Tiger of Eschnapur’. (Here is his IMBD archive list.) His grandmother was an opera singer. Martin is happily married. His wife Pierra is an artist and a motion graphic designer. His daughter just finished her studies in London at the UAL (Illustration and Visual Media).