MTV – film excerpt

I have worked for MTV in 1997 to 1999 after an intense phase at VH-1 from 1995 – 1997.
In total it was a wonderful time of 5 years, filled with music and freaking sports.

Here are the titles:

MTV Alarm
MTV Fett
MTV In Touch
MTV 50:1
MTV Dance Floor Charts
MTV-Sports “Air & Style”
MTV-Sports “Paragliding & Diving”
MTV-Sports “Whiteater Kajaking”
MTV-Sports “Kletterer”
MTV-Sports “Sahara Moto Adventure”
MTV-Sports “Air & Water”
MTV-Sports “Surfing Fuerte”
MTV-Sports “Surfers I & II”
MTV-Sports “Dolomiten Mann”
MTV-Sports “Street Soccer”
BKD Wahlnacht
MTV’s advertising slogan

MTV Sports “Surfers I&II”
starring Jason Prior and Francisco Goya
Directed by Kai Branss
Cinematography by Kai Branss
Film Editing by Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Produced by Mona Rübsamen
24 min, MTV Germany, 1998

MTV Alarm
starring Malcolm McLaren and Christian Ulmen
Directed by Birgit Herdlitschke
Cinematography by Alexander Viehl
Film editing by Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Produced by Mona Rübsamen
MTV Germany, 1998